Favorites Of The Week – October 27th

Hey All My Wonderful Followers! 🙂 It’s time again for another week of my favorites! I can’t believe that it is the last Friday of the month! :O Where has it gone? Today is the day that I will share my favorites of the week with you! Hope you’ll find something that you’ll love that you’ll want to get for yourself! ♥ Let’s Get Started! … Continue reading Favorites Of The Week – October 27th

Location ♥

Well hello everyone!  It is officially Friday! 🙂 I hope that your week has been spectacular so far! ♥ Have you checked out my favorites of the week post yet? Every Friday I’ll be sharing my favorites of all things second life on my blog! You don’t want to miss out on this! ♥ The Project Se7en is officially open with a whole new round! … Continue reading Location ♥

Happy ♥

I’m beyond excited to share this New release that is coming to you shortly at The Gacha Garden! Chez Moi has a beautiful outdoor set of goodies for your home! ♥ You’ll overjoyed by all the amazing prizes you can win at this gacha! I’m featuring three of the items from the set just for a sneak peak for you! 🙂 I hope you’ll enjoy … Continue reading Happy ♥

All I Really Need ♥

When the light’s shining through All I see is you It’s all I really need Just a moment with you Just a moment with you It’s all I really need ♫ Kay’s Style & Decor ♥ – Exile – Don’t Look Back (Natural Fusion) Catwa – Catya Bento Head Veechi – Catwa Lashes (Best Catwa Lashes! ♥) Veechi – Fog Liner *Available Now At N21 … Continue reading All I Really Need ♥

Give Me More ♥

  Kay’s Style ♥ – Truth Hair – Sorrel (Flower Included) Veechi – Top Liner Tetra – Sharkini *Available Now At Summerfest Until July 10th!* Bueno – Sorbet (Arcade June 2016 Gacha) Spirit– Onna Shorts (My absolute favorite!) SPELL – Two moons  bracelet (May Chapter Four Gift) CW Poses – Your Diva (Love This Pose Store! ♥) Photo Taken At It All Starts With A … Continue reading Give Me More ♥

Another Day ♥

Kay’s Style ♥ – +Elua+ – Brenda Veechi – Top Liner Gizza – Vintage Necklace (May Tres Chic Gift) Foxes – Vintage Tied Tees (May Luxe Box) Spirit – Onna Shorts =Zenith= – Summer Yoga Bag (RARE) – (Available At Kustom 9) Bueno – Flawless Soda (Available At The Arcade) =Zenith= – Belt Leg Warmer (Lemon) – (Available At Kustom 9) Purple Poses – Jannyce … Continue reading Another Day ♥

Reflect ♥

New Release! NRage Studio has a NEW RELEASE of Gacha poses at The Fantasy Gacha Carnival! NRage Studio has a New Releases for The Fantasy Gacha Carnival! They have 8 commons (All poses come with a mirrored version); 1 RARE (3 poses come in one set!), & 1 ULTRARARE (8 single poses with a prop of a destroyed piano in a garden!) What’s not to … Continue reading Reflect ♥

Shopping Addiction ♥

Can I get a raise of hands of how many girls out there who just can’t get enough of fashion? *Raises Hand* I love how creative all of the designers are with coming up with new ideas that will please everyone out there! And I know all y’all feel the same! 🙂 NRage Studio Poses recently came out with a inworld release that are called … Continue reading Shopping Addiction ♥