Fly Away With Me ♥

Hello Everyone! I hope you are having a splendid week so far! ♥

The Arcade has officially been open for a couple days now and it is jammed packed with so many incredible new items just for you! I’m crazy in love with Decoy‘s newest release called, “Frostbite”. All of the pieces are so incredible but in particular I’m head over heels in love with the Bento Wings. When you attach it it moves in such a beautiful way! I wasn’t expecting that when I purchased the gacha item but I am totally crazy about it! ♥ I hope you will try your luck at Decoy‘s gacha when you make your way over to The Arcade! Good Luck! ♥


Happy Shopping! ♥


Now Available At The Arcade

Decoy – Frostbite Gacha: Dress Pink (Maitreya)

Decoy – Frostbite Gacha: Wings Frost Pink (Bento)

Glam Affair – Klea (America)


Kay’s Other Style & Decor ♥

FOXCITY Pretty in Pastels – RARE (Rez)

FOXCITY Sweet Tea Bento Poses

October Group Gift – Truth Hair / Makena

Catwa – Catya Bento Head

Veechi – Catwa Lashes (Best Catwa Lashes!)

Veechi –  Summer Freckles (Heavy)

Living Beauty – Spunky Daisy Nails

Maitreya – Mesh Body & Bento Hands (Lara V4.1)




Girls Do It Better ♥

Happy Monday Everyone! ♥ I hope that you all are having a wonderful beginning of your week so far! 🙂

Happy Shopping! 🙂


New VIP Gift For Truth Hair

Truth Hair – Ginevra (Brunettes)


Now Available At N21

Dahlia – Laurel Necklace (HUD Included)

Veechi – Paris Shadow


Kay’s Other Style & Decor ♥

FOXCITY – Sweet Tooth Bento Poses

FOXCITY Photo Booth – Donut Galore

Catwa – Catya Bento Head

Veechi – Catwa Lashes (Best Catwa Lashes!)

Veechi –  Summer Freckles (Heavy)

Living Beauty  – Summer Strawberry Nails

Glam Affair – Milu

Maitreya – Mesh Body & Bento Hands (Lara V4.1)

Addams // Tatiana Top // Maitreya

Addams // Letter Old Jacket // Maitreya

Scandalize. Caitli.


Show Me What You’ve Got ♥

It’s Monday! 🙂 Hello Everyone!  ♥ I hope that you had an incredible weekend!  ♥

I’ve been so excited to talk about Essenz‘s NEW heels at FaMESHed! Her new heels are called, “Valencia”.  I love how they tie up the leg in such a beautiful way! There are so many incredible colors to choose from! I highly recommend these heels for you! 🙂  I really hope you’ll get these for yourself, you will not be disappointed! ♥

Happy Shopping! 🙂


New At Limit8 – 

FOXCITY . Photo Booth – A Fool’s Paradise

FOXCITY – Bento Sits Vol 3 (Pose 5)


New At Collabor88 

Exile  Rich Love (Natural Fusion)

Glam Affair – Milu


New At FaMESHed

Essenz  – Valencia (Obsessed With These Heels!♥)


Kay’s Other Style ♥

Catwa – Catya Bento Head

Veechi – Catwa Lashes (Best Catwa Lashes!)

Veechi –  Summer Freckles (Heavy)

Beo – Vanessa Necklace

Beo – Miranda Necklace

Tres Blah – Bodycon Dress (White)

Maitreya – Mesh Body & Bento Hands (Lara V4.1)

Living Beauty – Spunky Daisy Nails


Find Me Where The Wild Things Are ♥

Hello Everyone! It’s the beginning of a week again and my has time flown by! I hope you are all having a  wonderful weekend so far! 🙂

FOXCITY has done it again with an amazing pose pack exclusively for us at Tres Chic. It’s called, “Underwater”. These poses are made for the underwater girl you are. Whether you are in your mermaid tail or like swimming in the deep; these are made for you!  ♥ I hope you’ll pick up these for yourself! : )

Happy Shopping!


New At Tres Chic

FOXCITY– Underwater Poses (Fatpack)


Kay’s Style ♥ – 

Glam Affair – UNI – Atlantico Headdres

Tableau Vivant \\ Aeolian hair (Ombre)

Catwa – Catya Bento Head

Veechi – Catwa Lashes (Best Catwa Lashes!)

Runic – Sea Shell Necklace

Maitreya – Mesh Body & Bento Hands (Lara V4.1)

Decoy – Sea Royalty Gacha: Shell Top (Blue)

Decoy – Sea Royalty Gacha: Mermaid Tail (Blue)

Living Beauty – Spunky Daisy Nails


Another Day In Paradise ♥

Happy Sunday! ♥ I hope that you all had an amazing weekend! 🙂

Coming Soon to The Gacha Garden  is  Chez Moi‘s Exclusive new set called, “Gacha Beach Day”. There are so many different items from a beach bungalow, to a surfboard, and even some beautiful beach towels with different multiple different animations.  I blogged a few of the items to give you a sneak peak to look forward to playing the gacha get snag some of these for yourself!  🙂


Happy Shopping ♥


New At Living Beauty

Living Beauty – Spunky Daisy Nails


Now Available At Uber   

MINIMAL – Rx Glasses (Gold)


New At Collabor 88 

ChicChica – Mineral Water


New AT ON9

FOXCITY –  Beach Bunny (Fatpack Exclusive)


Coming Soon To  The Gacha Garden 

Chez Moi Beach Shower Hut (PG)

Chez Moi Surf Board Beach Day

Chez Moi Beach Ball

Chez Moi Sarong Arrows


 Kay’s Other Style & Decor ♥ 

Exile -Way That I Feel (Natural Fusion)

Catwa – Catya Bento Head

Veechi – Catwa Lashes (Best Catwa Lashes!)

Maitreya – Mesh Body & Bento Hands (Lara V4.1)

neve top – tidal – Lara

neve swim bottom – tidal – Lara

{what next} Sunflowers Pitcher

Dust Bunny. sand castle . light

Her Soul Was Too Deep To Explore By Those Who Always Swam In The Shallow End ♥

Happy Sunday! ♥

Chez Moi has a  NEW release coming soon at Indee Teepee! This event opens on July 21st along with several other designers! Chez Moi’s Tuareg Hanging Loveseat is available in PG or Adult Versions. If you want to know more about this item, please check out Chez Moi’s Blog! ♥

The Epiphany is now open and the sim is full of hopeful shoppers to get exactly what they want from all the amazing designers this round! In particular I wanted to talk about Veechi‘s Desert Sun Catwa Makeup Gacha. There are over 9 different eyeshadows, 2 different lip tints, 1 eyelash. In this photo I am showcasing the Lush Lashes which is a RARE in this set. I really love the simplicity of these eyelashes and I’m never going to take them off! ♥ I hope you’ll stop by her gacha and try your luck to win these exclusive goodies! 🙂



Coming Soon To Indee Teepee – 

Chez Moi – TUAREG HANGING LOVESEAT (PG or Adult version)


New At The Epiphany 

Veechi – Lush Lashes (Rare)


New At Summerfest 

Exile  – Perfect Places (Natural Fusion)

JIAN – Flamingos

Izzie’s – Wet Body

tarte. lotus tealight


New AT ON9

FOXCITY – Pool Bunny V.2 (Fatpack Pose)


New At Season’s Story

Veechi – Electro Liner

Runic – Sea Shell Jewelery Set


New At Living Beauty – 

Living Beauty  – Summer Strawberry Nails


Kay’s Other Style & Decor 

Catwa – Catya Bento Head

Maitreya – Mesh Body (Lara V4.1)

Scandalize – Yulia (Tropical)

Scarlet Creative Atlas Resort Pool

Soy. Potted Traveler’s Palm Tree [Yellow]

O.M.E.N. – Dog Park Day – 7 – Basket O’ Goodies

Sway’s [Sandia] Beach Bag

O.M.E.N. – Dog Park Day – Fruit Kebabs GIFT

Soy. Stacking towels

Soy. Basket with towels [light brown]

JIAN – Hydrangea Bush

ionic : Mandarinas