Hello Again ♥

Hello Again ♥

Where has the month of April gone? It’s just flown by! ♥

I wanted to share with you this beautiful gazebo from Chez Moi! ♥ This gazebo comes with over 164 poses that include Individual, Alone, Activity, Family, Couple & Sex poses! ♥ It looks so good when placed out on my land; I know you’ll love it too! ♥ I hope that you’ll stop by her store and check it out for yourself! 🙂


New At Collabor 88 Until May 6th

JIAN – Floppy Ear Bunny :: Static – Sit

JIAN – Floppy Ear Bunny :: Static – Look Up R


Kay’s Other Decor ♥ –

Chez Moi –  Delightful Gazebo & Sofa (Adult)

{what next} ‘Spring Bloom’ Tulip Planter (pinks + purple)

Ariskea [ Jane ] Tulips In Bloom [Parisian]

Soy. – Shitamachi Alley Garden – Soil bag & Scoop

Ariskea – [California Vineyard] Vineyard Hideout (Modified)

{what next} ‘Spring Bloom’ Daffodil Planter #1



Full Bloom ♥

Full Bloom ♥

Happy Saturday Y’all! I hope everyone is having a great weekend so far! 🙂

Collabor 88 just opened today with a brand new theme called, “Grennery”. Spring is in full bloom and everything you need for it is at Collabor 88! I have a few favorites in particular that I’d like to feature in this post! {What Next} just released a beautiful outdoors set called, “Palma”. This set includes three different sizes of lanterns, a coffee table & decor, & a rocking chair. Each item comes with a fully customizable texture options for your liking!

Full Bloom 1

JIAN also has released a beautiful collection of bunnies! They are soooo freaking adorable and I just had to get them. There are two different collections; one with floppy ears and one with straight ears. Each collections includes; Wandering Bunnies, Companion Bunnies, 6 Static Mesh Bunnies, & 9 Coat Textures Choices. Also there is a option to buy the “Held Bunny” that comes with an ao. There is so much to love about this collection! I hope you go out and buy some for yourself! ♥

Full Bloom 2

Kay’s Credits ♥ –

New At Collabor 88 For April ’17

{what next} – Palma Full Set

JIAN – Floppy Ear Bunny Collection

MishMish – Sweet Short Grass – Greenery


New At FaMESHed For April ’17

Ariskea [ Birdy ] Old Wood door

Trompe Loeil – Halliwell Patio + Pool {A} V1.1


Kay’s Other Decor ♥ –

Kalopsia – Leslie’s Postcards Frame – White

{what next} – ‘Hello Spring’ Wreath

{what next} – House Plant – Rubber Tree

I Hope There Are Days When You Fall In Love With Being Alive ♥

I Hope There Are Days When You Fall In Love With Being Alive ♥

Kay’s Home Decor ♥ –

[Brixley] – monogram frame w/ screen

Myrrine – Bike shelf *Available At Lost & Found Until February 1st*

:HAIKEI: -Save room for my love_gacha {3}

Myrrine – Seat RARE *Available At Lost & Found Until February 1st*

Myrrine – HOME decor *Available At Lost & Found Until February 1st*

Myrrine – Small Cabinet *Available At Lost & Found Until February 1st*

ChiMia:: Knightsbridge Armchair (Leather) *Available Now At The Gacha Garden Until February 28th*

Apple Fall – LTD Studded Cushion (Chic)

Apple Fall – LTD Ruffles Cushion (1970)

Ariskea – {Australia} Olive twigs

Myrrine – Bookcase RARE *Available At Lost & Found Until February 1st*

:HAIKEI: – Boring day gacha {4}

Dust Bunny – maple cottage

Breakfast For Two ♥

Breakfast For Two ♥

Kay’s Breakfast Decor ♥ – 

[Brixley] – our nest sign

Dust Bunny . autumns calling . candle cup

Dust Bunny . postcards

Apple Fall – Handbag & Scarf

Apple Fall – Book Pile 2

Apple Fall – Liberty Sketchbook

Dust Bunny . wanderlust . bouquet teacup

[Commoner] – Carried Away / Keys

SORGO – 5 Diamons

Dust Bunny . storybook living . researcher’s journal

Dust Bunny . bowl of cereal

Tres Blah– Cozy Winter – Tea Cup

Dust Bunny . blueberry waffles

Apple Fall – Crumpled Newspaper

Tres Blah– Salad Days – Framed Silhouettes (Modified)

Kalopsia – Tag Lines

Floorplan. scattered sheet music

Cheeky Pea – Louis’ Chalkboard Tray

Ariskea [Faedreams] Roses (Modified)

{vespertine} – rocking bird/shorter


Holiday Decor ♥

Holiday Decor ♥

Kay’s Holiday Decor ♥ –

Ariskea  [Mocorra] Tree plant

Floorplan. arched window

Brocante. farm bucket sapling *Available At N21 Until January 12th*

Floorplan. long sideboard / black

Trompe Loeil – Raleigh Chalkboard – With My Whole Heart

Dust Bunny . autumns calling . pumpkin centerpiece

Tres Blah – Cozy Winter – Coat Rack

Trompe Loeil – Merry Christmas Mailbox

:CP: Taylor Snow Art

Kalopsia – Winter Dome

Floorplan. long sideboard / black

Irries Dollhouse -Vintage Toy Rocking Horse RARE *Available At Lost & Found Until January 1st*

Apple Fall – Heritage Christmas Tree (Spruce Green)

Floorplan. scattered sheet music



The Answer Is Yes ♥

The Answer Is Yes ♥

Hey All Y’all! ♥ Today has been the best day so far and I’m so thankful for everything I have! Today Ninja & I have been married for one year in second life and I couldn’t be more happy! ♥ I hope that the rest of your week is filled with wonderful things and don’t let anything get you down! 🙂

Lost & Found has been a new day filled with all the vintage items that you may just need for your home! If you’re looking to get married or just like the look of a small chapel; you need to head over there and check out Your Dreams. The Little Chapel is so beautifully well made from them, and I love every detail about it. I was very excited to share this chapel with y’all! ♥ If you haven’t heard of Your Dreams before, be sure to go check out her sim and see the other wonderful creations she has made so far! ♥

If you want to know where everything else was from be sure to check out the credits below! ♥

Decoration ♥ –

Your Dreams – Little Chapel *Available At Lost & Found Until November 1st*

Half-Deer – Lighted Pathway

Trompe Loeil – Winter River Pew

Trompe Loeil – Paper Bag Lights (Driftwood Wedding Set)

Trompe Loeil – Hanging Planters (Driftwood Wedding Set)

Kalopsia – Fancy Gazebo (Edited)

Junk. – Potted Plant

Ariskea – Hybrid Roses (Violet)

Halloween Festivities ♥

Halloween Festivities ♥

Hey Y’all! ♥ Can you believe it, Halloween is right around the corner? Where did this month go? 🙂 I hope that all y’all are having a great months so far! ♥

C.ment has a beautiful Halloween Gacha collection that is out now at Panic Of Pumpkin. The collection is well made and perfect for your Halloween decorations! I especially love the table that says “Happy Halloween” on it! 😀 What’s your favorite? If you haven’t had a chance to check out her store, be sure to stop by they have accessories and decor for your home! ♥

Kay’s Style ♥ –


C.ment – halloween gacha / 6. pumpkin hat *Available At Panic Of Pumpkin until October 31st*

Wasabi Pills – Thyra Mesh Hair (FLF)

Veechi – Top Liner

Pixicat– Wonderland.Cat nr.1 (Black)

Pixicat– Seoul.Top – Gift (Maitreya)

Pixicat– Rustic.Skirt (m)

EarthStones – Johanna Ring

Essenz – Austin (Black) Slink

M I L A – Gift Pack (Pose 4)


Decor ♥ –

Dust Bunny – Maple Cottage

C.ment –  halloween gacha /happy halloween table (RARE2) *Available At Panic Of Pumpkin until October 31st*

C.ment –  halloween gacha /Pumpkin House (RARE1) *Available At Panic Of Pumpkin until October 31st*

[LJ] – Magnolia Wedding – Crudite Cups

C.ment –  halloween gacha /  4. Party hat 1 *Available At Panic Of Pumpkin until October 31st*

Tres Blah – Soiree – Cheese Tray RARE

Aphrodite – New York Cheesecake

C.ment –  halloween gacha / 5.  Party hat 2 *Available At Panic Of Pumpkin until October 31st*


Dust Bunny – Pom Pom Blanket

Sway’s – [Halloween] Jar with candles

[Brixley] – Rustic Frame Mirror

Fancy Decor – Birch Candles

{what next} – Sweetheart Balloons Decor (Modified)

C.ment –  halloween gacha / 3.  Ghost balloon *Available At Panic Of Pumpkin until October 31st*

{what next} – Harvest Sign


Trompe Loeil – Ceres Pumpkin Round Striped

Trompe Loeil – Ceres Pumpkin Tall Decorated

C.ment –  halloween gacha / 2. BOO *Available At Panic Of Pumpkin until October 31st*

Ariskea – [Mocorra] Tree plant 2

Sway’s – [Martha] Hay bale seat with blanket

{what next} – Party Sparklers

{what next} – Drinks Cooler

Bat Decoration (Free)

[Brixley] – Worn Rug (Love This Rug! ♥)

Trompe Loeil – Audrey’s Chair Black  PG

Best Time Of Year ♥

Best Time Of Year ♥

Hey all y’all! ♥ How are you doing? Hope you all are well! 🙂 Fall is upon us! And If I must say it is the BEST time of year! I was very excited to get decorating for fall and wanted to share my inspiration with y ‘all. I know that for some people it’s hard to transition from sweet summer to the warm vibes of fall. If you’re feeling lackluster here is what I went with! I stuck with earthy tones, hearty pumpkins, stunning greens and warm golds. I wanted a comfortable outside space but I also wanted there to be rustic and vintage charm! I hope y’all feel inspired, and I can’t wait to see how y’all decorate your homes! ♥ Happy Fall! 🙂


Fall Decor ♥ – 

Trompe Loeil – Ceres Decorative Shack

Trompe Loeil – Ceres Bench {A}

Ariskea [ Terre Automne ]- Branches twig

Apple Fall – Home Sweet Home Heart

Dust Bunny – Wood Beaded Curtain

[Brixley] – Porch Rules Sign

[Brixley] – Monogram Frame W/ Screen

{what next} – Party Sparklers

+Half-Deer+ – Scattered Acorns

The Hive – Autumn Lanterns (Pumpkin 2)

Trompe Loeil – Reclaimed Lantern

{what next} – Pallet Log Box (VIP Group Gift)

{what next} – Under The Stars Bonfire

Trompe Loeil – Ceres Pumpkin Tall Decorated

Trompe Loeil – Ceres Pumpkin Round Gourd

Trompe Loeil – Ceres Pumpkin Tapered Striped

Ariskea [Mocorra] – Tree plant 2


The Hive – Antiques Sign

Kalopsia – Madeleine’s Wood Box

Trompe Loeil – Ceres Pumpkin Tall Gourd

Trompe Loeil – Ceres Pumpkin Round Striped

Trompe Loeil – Ceres Pumpkin Tapered Decorated

[Daydreamers] Adult Pallet Couch & Table

[we’re CLOSED] Spring Tree

[Brixley] – Worn Rug

Apple Fall – Juniper Hedge Tall

Tarte. – Pillow Pile

[we’re CLOSED] Wooden Chair

Daydreaming ♥

Daydreaming ♥


Kay’s Style ♥ –

Wasabi Pills – Rowan (Browns)

*LODE* – Southern Magnolia Crown [Orange] RARE *Available Now At Chapter 4*

Veechi – Top Liner

Ison – Dahlia Dress (White)

EarthStones – Diamond Bangles (Gold)

Cae – Sea Star Necklace (Midnight Madness)

CW Poses – Dangerous (Pose)


Decoration ♥ –

Chez Moi – Tropical Nest (Gacha Garden Gift) *Available Now At Gacha Garden*

Dust Bunny – Robin Nest Gate (Dark Brown)

Dust Bunny – Flower Skull

We’re Closed – Shrubs

Ariskea – [Jane] Tulips In Bloom

Black Bantam – Shar Pei Puppy (Black)

ANC – Dotty Wildgrass (Colorful)

Ariskea – Tropical Plant

{What Next} – Drinks Cooler

{What Next} – Watermelon Pops

{What Next} – Party Sparklers