Lost In The Sweep Of The Horizon ♥


Why hello there! ♥

Scarlet Creative has just released a exclusive mesh unfurnished prefab that is now available at Collabor88. It’s called, “Rain Forest Hideaway”. There are two different options of houses included; one for the sky and the other for the ground. If you’re curious about that land impact on this build it’s only 30 LI. I hope you’ll grab this amazing item for yourself! ♥

Happy Shopping! 🙂


Now Available At Collabor88

Scarlet Creative RainForest Hideaway Ground Version

Hive // potted tarzan tree


Now Available At FaMESHed

Granola. Antique Painted Door. White Distressed Lg. EXCLUSIVE (Modified)


Kay’s Other Decor ♥

[we’re CLOSED] Spring Trees

Apple Fall Privet Ball (Variegated)

Apple Fall Whitehall Pathway

DRD – Rustic Barbecue – Wheelbarrow

Ariskea[Dairy] Dairy Plank box

Ariskea[Dairy] Dairy Sage Container

floorplan. fresh eggs sign

Nutmeg. Rattan Tote Carry Group Gift

[ zerkalo ] Fall in Love – Bicycle

DRD – Rustic Barbecue – Haystack Pile – Two

floorplan. arched window

JIAN Chicken Collection



floorplan. cottage fence panel / natural

floorplan. old scoreboard

{what next} Pallet Log Box

[Daydreamers] Adult Pallet Couch

[Daydreamers] Pallet Table

Nutmeg. Rug Creme, Group Gift

DRD – Rustic Barbecue – Barn Tools

floorplan. antiques plank

floorplan. pallet light wall / wood

DRD – Rustic Barbecue – Barrel Lantern


floorplan. pinboard / botanical

DRD – Rustic Barbecue – Flour Sack Pile


Thanks for all of the love and support, 

Kay Dragonborn ♥

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