Favorites Of The Week – February 9th ♥

Hello Everyone!

It is that glorious time again for the one and only favorites of the week!  I do apologize for not being consistent as of lately with getting these out. I have had a lot going on in rl but now I will be diligent on posting a favorites of the week every week for you! 🙂

Let’s Get Started! 🙂


Favorite Photo ♥

Who will it be this week? Everyone is so incredibly talented in second life and it gets harder and harder each week to choose a favorite! ♥  This young lady has such a unique eye when it comes to taking every single one of her photos! She can take such beautiful fashion and decor and turn it into something magical! I’m talking about the one and only Hopa Shinobu! ♥ I just simply adore her work and can’t wait to see what incredible  photos she comes up with next! If you are not following this lovely lady, you must! Check out her flickr and blog! ♥ Enjoy!



Favorite Hair ♥

Gosh I just don’t know where to start with this talented designer! Exile has been so busy as of lately with releasing some really beautiful hairstyles! Not only has he recently released hairstyles at Collabor88  he also has just released some other styles that are now available at Shop Your Heart Out! ♥ Boy Next Door & Girl Next Door are the exclusive and newest hairstyles that have been released at this amazing event. You and your man can pick up both of these styles for yourself! And I’m overjoyed to tell you that the free Valentine’s Day Gifts that are available for both sexes are called, “Adam & Jemma”. All of these hairs are just so incredible I can’t wait to get them for myself! ♥ Go Go Go! Head on over to this amazing event and grab all of these for yourself! 🙂



Favorite Home ♥

I just have been sooooo excited  to share this item with you from Chez Moi; I can hardly contain my excitement! ♥  Chez Moi has released this exclusive item called, “Farmhouse Daybed” that is now available at Cosmopolitan! I am a sucker for anything farmhouse style! It’s always been my favorite home decor style! 🙂 Every texture will be sure to wow you in this one of a kind piece! Also included in this purchase, you will also receive a HUD that includes a texture changer. You have the option to change the textures for the Couch & Blanket! I just know without a doubt you will love this just as much as I do! ♥



 Favorite Treat ♥

With less than a week away, Valentine’s Day is nearly upon us! And I have just the treat  that you’ll want by your side for this holiday season! Dust Bunny has released a new item that is now available for you for Fifty Linden Fridays. This beautiful box of Assorted Love Chocolates are now available for only L$50 today! The packaging is so wonderfully cute and my oh my those chocolates sure do look delicious! ♥ Grab this for yourself before the day is over! 🙂




Favorite Song ♥

To wrap up  this wonderful day with a bow, I wanted to share my favorite song of the week with you! ♥ Hope you enjoy the tune! 🙂


Have you found anything this week that has inspired you? ♥ Hope you enjoyed my favorites and I do hope you pick up some of these items for yourself!

Have A Wonderful Weekend! 🙂


Thanks for all the love and support,

Kay ♥


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