Favorites Of The Week – January 19th ♥

Happy Wonderful Friday! ♥ I hope that your month of January has been successful and full of fun. How are your resolutions going so far? My resolution to myself this year was to go out and do more things. Also I want to travel more and go to more concerts! You never can go wrong with that! 🙂

I’ve been collecting a few favorites that I’ve found this week that I have been so excited to share with y’all! ♥ I hope you enjoy! 🙂

Favorite Photo ♥

Ooo Weee! This wonderful lady has such a unique and beautiful way she portrays her photos. Doutzen Jouber is just the lady! She is very editorial and I just simply adore her style! If you haven’t followed her yet you must! Check out her blog and flickr here! 🙂


Favorite Makeup ♥

Ladies, The Epiphany has finally opened! I know it’s finally back with another incredible round of new and exciting releases! 🙂 Gosh I just don’t know where to start, but there is one I’ve been really excited to share with you! Veechi has released a new gacha set called, “Neon Dreams”. I am absolutely crazy for this makeup gacha! This set is available for Catwa Mesh Heads. I hope you’ll try your luck at the gacha! ♥



Favorite Accessory! ♥

My heart goes pitter patter for this gacha set at The PocketGacha! Dahlia has released her first ever gacha set called, “Piper’s Handbag”. Ladies words can not describe how much I love this set. There are 7 commons and 1 Rare in this spetacular set! The Rare is a handbag that includes a texture hud! ♥ I hope you’ll try your luck at the gacha to win these amazing items!


Favorite Decor ♥

I am completely bonkers for Ariskea‘s latest release at Shiny Shabby. Her latest release is called, “Liu“. The colors and atmosphere of this set is everything that I love in home decor. You have to have this for yourself! ♥


And that’s all I have for you! ♥ I hope you enjoyed my favorites! I hope you’ll want these for yourself!

Happy Shopping! 🙂




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