Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder ♥

The Lost & Found Event for the month of December is almost over! If you haven’t heard of Lost & Found before it has everything vintage and something borrowed for your home or your style! It opens on the 22nd of each month and closes on the 1st of the next! Inia has created the cuties penguins for you this month! I’m featuring the “Happy Penguins” Gacha Set! There are 8 commons, 2 RARES, & 2 Ultra-Rares! They are beautifully made and I cant get enough of them. Be sure to go check out their booth before Lost & Found closes on January 1st!


I just can’t get enough of `M.BIRDIE! They have a NEW gacha at the Arcade that ends on December 31st! They have one of the most beautifully created clothing I’ve ever seen on second life. `M.BIRDIE‘s Gacha Set is called, “Heart Party”. There are 25 commons and 3 RARES! Make sure you go and get some cute clothes and accessories before The Arcade closes! ♥


Kay’s Style ♥ –


Wasabi Pills – Deirdre (Basic) *Available Now At Collabor88 Until January 6th*

Veechi – Metallic Winged Liner (Green)

`M.BIRDIE –  TopB (4)*Available Now At The Arcade Until December 31st*

`M.BIRDIE –  Skirt (2)*Available Now At The Arcade Until December 31st*

`M.BIRDIE –  Headband C (Red) *Available Now At The Arcade Until December 31st*

Inia –   Blinking Pets (1 & 2)*Available At Lost & Found Until January 1st*

Photo taken at Hide & Seek! ♥

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