Let It Snow ♥

Ooo Wee! Happy Friday Y’all! ♥ How is everyone doing? I hope well! 🙂

Collabor88 came out yesterday with a outstanding variety of style and decor for your every need! Honestly, this is not a round you want to miss out on! The theme this month is sugarplums! ♥ If you can’t get in while you’re waiting, check out Collabor88’s online catalog of the releases this month! Now let’s talk about Mutresse! They have just released the Tita Coat that has 20 different color textures that texture different parts of the coat! I am just blown away by the quality of this coat as well. This is definitely a must I’d say for the winter season! Try on the demo and purchase it before January 6th!

The other event I wanted to share was TannenbaumTannenbaum opened on November 25th with your every holiday need! If your house is not decorated for the Holiday season and you’re stumped on how to decorate your home, Tannenbaum can help you out! There is something for everyone there! Fashiowl Poses has created beautifully crafted poses! I can’t get over how well made these are and they are so much fun! The two poses that I’m showcasing are Xmas Puppies and Dog Sledding. The Xmas Puppies are just perfect, who doesn’t love puppies? There is a set of 4 different poses that you can cuddle and love! Now the Dog Sledding set comes with 6 different poses that will having you mushing through the snow in no time! When you stop by Tannenbaum stop by their booth and pick yourself up a copy of both! 🙂

Kay’s Style ♥ – 

[Fetch] – Fuzzy Ear Muffs (Kitty) *Available Now At Collabor88 Until January 6th*

Veechi – Top Liner (5)

Wasabi Pills – Tsuki  (Basics)

Mutresse – Tita Coat – Maitreya Lara *Available Now At Collabor88 Until January 6th*


Fashiowl Poses – Xmas Puppies (Pose 2) *Available At Tannenbaum Until December 25th*

Fashiowl Poses – Dog Sledding (Pose 5) *Available At Tannenbaum Until December 25th*

Photo taken at Hide & Seek! ♥

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