Still Falling For You ♥

Happy Wednesday Y’all! ♥ Hope your day is going amazing so far! 🙂

If you haven’t checked out CW Poses yet, you’ll definitely want to stop by her store. Carlas has a gift of creating the most sensual and sexiest poses I’ve ever seen on second life. In her inworld store, you can try out every single pose she offers before purchasing them. Also if you want to check her out on marketplace, I’ll provide the link so you can see her wondrous creations! 🙂 They are perfect for any shot you are trying to create and I would recommend them to anyone! ♥

Kay’s Style ♥ –

Wasabi Pills – Savannah (Basics)

Veechi – Top Liner

[Black Bantam] Beaded Pearl Necklace Gold

Tres Blah – Closed Robe (Rosey)

EarthStones – Diamond Bangles (Gold)

Earthstones – Johanna Ring

LaGyo – Antonia Marble Cuff

CW Poses – Dazzled

Decor ♥ – 


Second Spaces – Treat Yourself – Shopping Spree

Tres Blah –  Hodgepodge – Morning Start

Tres Blah – Golden Cage – Coffee Run

[Cosmic Dust] – Polaroids

Kalopsia – Daisy’s Notebook – Black/Green

*Tentacio* – Hair ritual – Hair brushes

Second Spaces – Makeup Junkie

Kalopsia – Caramel Ice Cream

Tres Blah – Hodgepodge – Paper Pile


Floorplan – scattered sheet music

*Tentacio* – Hair ritual – donas ritual break

Tres Blah – Hodgepodge – What’s in My Bag RARE

Dust Bunny . wanderlust . thrown shirt

Tres Blah – Jolie – Lotions

[Cosmic Dust] – Sketchbooks

[Cosmic Dust] – Sticky Notes – Nile’s Love Note

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