When You Wish Upon A Star ♥

Anybody can wish upon a star and have their dreams come true! I wanted to capture something beautiful and timeless! I love anything and everything magical! ♥ Hope you enjoyed it as well!

NRage Studio Poses has this amazing ULTRARARE at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival! It’s called {NR} Beauteous Thither Garden. Not only do you get this gorgeous magical garden but it also has 8 different poses on it! I had to have this and you can take romantic photos with this piece! This is something everyone should have in their collection! Head on over there to get this {NR} Beauteous Thither Garden today! ♥

Credits Below ♥ –

{NR} Beauteous Thither Garden ULTRA RARE

Truth Hair – Fleur (Flower Accessory Included)

{Junbug} – Lucrezia’s Bauble [Pearl]

{Junbug} –  Lucrezia’s Mystery – ULTRA RARE

EarthStones – Diamond Bangles


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