Countryside ♥

The Dark Style Fair is out now with many new things to catch anyone’s interest! Make sure to get there before June 4th before it closes!

NRage Studio Poses has come out with an amazing NEW poses pack. They have two individual packs and five couple poses. I’m actually posing in the set 2 pose pack and this one is called “Resolved”! I absolutely love these new single poses! They are edgy and I feel like you can tell a story with these poses! I mean what’s not to love! ♥ Be sure to check them out while you are at The Dark Style Fair!

Credits ♥

Truth Hair – Bronwyn

(Yummy) – Starburst Shaker Necklace

Mon Cheri – Nitley Plunge Dress (Floral)

Kalopsia – Emily’s Bracelet’s Wearable (Pink & Gold) (Chapter 4 Gift)

Spell – Two Moons Bracelet (Chapter 4 Gift)

Photo Taken At Beaumont Grove! ♥


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