Reflect ♥

New Release!

NRage Studio has a NEW RELEASE of Gacha poses at The Fantasy Gacha Carnival!

NRage Studio has a New Releases for The Fantasy Gacha Carnival! They have 8 commons (All poses come with a mirrored version); 1 RARE (3 poses come in one set!), & 1 ULTRARARE (8 single poses with a prop of a destroyed piano in a garden!)

What’s not to love about these poses?
The Fantasy Gacha Carnival

Credits Below ♥

NRage Studio – Linger (The Fantasy Collective)
Foxes – Festival Tassled Tank (Collabor 88)
SPIRIT – Onna Shorts
Essenz – Congo (Rose Quartz)
SPELL – Two Moons Bracelet (C4 Gift)
Kalopsia – Emily’s Bracelets (C4 Gift)
Exile – After The Rain

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