Shopping Addiction ♥

Can I get a raise of hands of how many girls out there who just can’t get enough of fashion? *Raises Hand* I love how creative all of the designers are with coming up with new ideas that will please everyone out there! And I know all y’all feel the same! 🙂

NRage Studio Poses recently came out with a inworld release that are called {NR} Floor Sits. I really love the emotion that comes out of these poses and they are very creative! {NR} Floor Sits comes with 6 single floor sit poses – poses 1-4 has mirror versions.

Y’all should check them out they have so many other poses that paint any kind of story you want to tell! ♥

Below are other items that are shown in the picture above! ♥

Oleander – Oz: !Oleander
Addams – Tatiana Top: Addams
Spirit – Onna Shorts: SPIRIT
Trompe Loeil – Le Fay Slipper Chair: Trompe Loeil
Zenith – Leather Picnic Bag: =Zenith=
Tres Blah – What’s In My Purse Rare: Tres Blah
Tres Blah – Gifts: Tres Blah
Aria – Sorrel Tulip Bouquet: [Aria]
Reign – Adele Heels: Reign
Reign – Sovereign Wedges: Reign
HH – Floral Wedges: Hucci
Reign – Nashville Boots: Reign
Second Spaces – Boxes: Second Spaces
Floorplan – Sparkle Wall Frame: Floorplan



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